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The SOU Foundation creates an annual President’s Report. I had to leave this work in progress, but have a number of pages I can show. 

This section, Ordinary People, Extraordinary Gifts, told the stories of ordinary people who made large gifts and gave a look at a student beneficiary.

These human-interest stories let potential donors see what they can achieve.

I interviewed subjects with a photographer on hand, and tracked down other photos.

The story of two teachers who left a million-dollar bequest for non-traditional students--Betty and Jim Akerill. He was a grade-school coach, and the kids called him “Mr. A.”.

The personal side of “Mr. A”  shown through the experience of one of his students, then and now.

Found a photo from the ‘70s of the then student with the Coach, and told a little bit of their story.

And then finished with the story of a scholarship beneficiary, a married student and electrician studying botany. Plus his two small children.

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