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“The action, tension, and intrigue are nonstop, causing this reader to be anxious to turn the page.”

“I love this book, not only because of the new, fresh twist to the whole average vampire story, but because it is so funny!”

“The story is alive. I kept reading even when my eyes were closing at night.

Not too many years from now . . .

The very nature of criminal justice and self defense is changing in the Pacific Northwest—criminals compelled to tell the truth in court, guns converted to nonlethal weapons. 

But there’s fierce opposition, and the president, in danger of losing reelection, aims to win votes by taking down the man behind it all, Noah Stone. His weapon is Jake Black, an ex Secret Service agent. 

Now a cold-blooded gun for hire, Jake lives an emotionless existence after his wife and little girl were killed. A fog of numbness in his mind smothers everything—especially the grief he cannot bear. Scoring a million dollars for taking care of what he sees as a con man is no problem. 

But the closer he gets to his target, the more he’s drawn to Stone. When a treacherous attack threatens to destroy Stone's work, Jake is the one man who can save it. He faces the question of his life—who is the enemy, Noah Stone or Jake Black?

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We the Enemy, by Ray Rhamey, is a speculative thriller that tackles big issues with action and ideas.

© Ray Rhamey 2014   ray (at) rayrhamey (dot) com 206.291.8758  420 Morton St., Ashland, OR 97520


bookRead free sample here.

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