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“The action, tension, and intrigue are nonstop, causing this reader to be anxious to turn the page.”

“I love this book, not only because of the new, fresh twist to the whole average vampire story, but because it is so funny!”

“The story is alive. I kept reading even when my eyes were closing at night.

"We the Enemy is a unique thriller with plenty of twists and turns, highly recommended.”

Flogging the Quill, Crafting a Novel that Sells, is

  • a one-book remedy for a host of beginner-novelist ailments
  • a tune-up for published authors
  • a resource for editors and their clients

Rich with advice and coaching from editor/author Ray Rhamey, Flogging the Quill ranges wide but with a single focus: lifting your novel manuscript to a publishable, professional level.

The first section, Storytelling, covers creating tension and the “care factor,” what drives a plot, the six vital story ingredients, and tools for spotting shortcomings in a  narrative.

In Description, writers learn how experiential description characterizes, plus how to handle the tricky character-description hurdle, staging, and overwriting.

The Dialogue section helps writers avoid leaden overuse of dialogue tags, enliven dialogue with action beats, and deliver the sound of dialogue

The vital “when to tell, how to show” lesson in the Technique section has been praised by literary agents and college teachers. The  section also coaches on point of view, including the problems “head-hopping can cause.

With the Words section, Rhamey reveals unique insights to the good and bad of using adverbs in a fiction narrative, and guides writers in weeding out weak, wasted, and wrong words.

Computer tips make writing more productive, and in an interactive “workout section writers apply lessons learned to real efforts by beginning novelists and compare it with the author’s take.

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© Ray Rhamey 2017   ray (at) rayrhamey (dot) com 206.291.8758  Ashland, Oregon


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ISBN 978-0-615-43588-6
8 1/2” by 11”, 256 pages, paperback, $19.95