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“The story is alive. I kept reading even when my eyes were closing at night.

“I love this book, not only because of the new, fresh twist to the whole average vampire story, but because it is so funny!”

5 stars1Amazon Excellent read  This alternately charming and thrilling book was just what I like a novel to be: an absorbing refuge from daily life and good food for thought. Rhamey has created a truly magical world and, once again, challenges our perceptions of the world around us, asking what it means to live responsibly and compassionately in our society without compromising our values. An exciting read with a fresh perspective. Highly recommended.

5 stars1Amazon A magical, supernatural world, skillfully delivered!  I love most supernatural reads, and FINDING MAGIC hit all the right notes! Rhamey created a believable, creative supernatural world and a thrilling plot, grounded in both technical details about all things biological, and characters drawn with emotional accuracy. The chapters moved between first person and third person narration which allowed the reader to dive into the inner world of Annie, one of the main characters, and also step back and see the bigger picture. This dance between the two narration styles was artfully executed. Most importantly, though, I cared about Annie, Gabe, and Mike, was drawn into their world, and wanted to know what happened next. A great read I would highly recommend. Enjoy!

5 stars1Amazon Enrossing page-turner  Talented author Ray Rhamey drops us right into the middle of the action in this high-drama, modern fantasy. As the novel opens we meet Annie, a member of a secret clan and a gifted healer with the remarkable ability to disguise herself as anyone she wishes, as she tries to evade the relentless pursuit of a homeland security agent. Rhamey ratchets up the drama from there and never lets up. Annie has lost the will to live following a personal tragedy, but must find a way to stop a clansman from unleashing a plague that will eradicate the human race - leaving alive only those who have already found the `magic' inside them. An engrossing page-turner.

4 starsAmazon A good beach book I'm a sucker for all things magical, so the title pulled me in. Annie, a member of the magical clans which exist in the real world hidden from sight by their magical powers, is being hunted by the authorities who suspect her of being a terrorist. As the chase develops, the author subtly builds the imaginary world in which the story will unfold, suspension of disbelief is not a problem. A clansman with a grudge against the lessi (think muggles) develops a virus, deadly to all except those with magical powers (think pure-bloods). The overzealous Homeland security agent with a big chip on her shoulder is easy to dislike, especially when she begins to leverage our hero's autistic child, but in the end, her meddling serves to draw the plot together for a wild finale at top of the Seattle Space needle. A good fast read which kept me involved throughout.

5 stars1Amazon  A riveting work of modern fantasy, highly recommended. Midwest Book Reviews  When something is not understood, it is feared. Finding Magic follows Annie, the latest in a  clan with the power to save or destroy lives. When a government agent finds that her clan has this power, she finds her people under the gun as terrorists, and with the outbreak a new plague that could end humanity, she finds that more than ever she must live and be free or else there will be nothing to protect. Finding Magic is a riveting work of modern fantasy, highly  recommended.

5 stars1Amazon  Finding Magic is amazing If you liked "Practical Magic" by Alice Hoffmann, you need to buy a copy of "Finding Magic." If you liked "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep"  by Phillip K. Dick you need to buy a copy of "Finding Magic." If you  liked both those books, you need to buy 2 copies of "Finding Magic" -  one to keep and one to give to a friend because you will not want to  lend your copy out, ever, as it may not come back and you'll want to  have your copy handy to read again and again.

What I liked best about "Finding Magic" was the way it stimulated me to live in the world Rhamey created. I find myself writing  "fanzine"-type scenarios in my head: what if this character existed in  this world? What happens to that charactrer next?

Long after you put the novel down it will still be in your head,  whirling around, prompting you to create your place in the most  interesting world of "Finding Magic."

5 stars1Smashwords  I recommend FINDING MAGIC by Ray Rhamey. It's easy to read and the action, tension, and intrigue are nonstop, causing this reader to be anxious to turn the page. I know this is one of those books I'll read more than once.

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